Yankees’ Bartolo Colon & Stem Cell Procedure

Stem Cell Therapy for Athletes

Stem Cell treatment has the ability to bring back an athlete who was sidelined from the sport with a serious injury. Bartolo Colon was out of baseball for nearly 2 years because of a serious shoulder injury but has recently returned to the sport thanks to a stem cell procedure, where stem cells were taken from his body and then re-injected into his shoulder. Now he is playing at the top of his game as if his shoulder was never injured. Previously this injury either required surgery to be repaired or the player would be forced into early retirement. Now with a simple procedure and injection athletes can extend their careers and get back to their previous pre-injury status.

The future of sports medicine has arrived and the power of stem cell therapy is now showing itself!

Dr Damon Noto recommends these methods. Check out more of our stem cell therapy information on the Spine and Joint Center blog posts!


(The following articled is sourced from 2011 CBS Radio Inc)
One of the doctors who assisted in a stem cell procedure last year on Yankees starter Bartolo Colon says that 10 other pitchers have expressed interest in undergoing the treatment that is being scrutinized by Major League Baseball.

Dr. Leonel Liriano said Sunday in a Dominican TV interview that 10 pitchers between the ages of 21 to 37 have contacted him about the contentious medical treatment. He did not disclose the identities of the athletes.

“We didn’t use human growth hormone with Bartolo,” Liriano said previously to the Associated Press. “It was a totally clean process in which we did not use anything out of place or regulated by the major leagues.”

Colon, the 2005 AL Cy Young Award winner, was treated in April 2010 with a procedure designed to regenerate tissue in his shoulder and elbow. ”

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