Joint Pain and Arthritis

Shoulder Pain and Knee Pain

Shoulder pain and knee pain can come from many different causes, from muscle strains and torn tendons to arthritis.

What Is Arthritis?

Arthritis is a general term for joint inflammation, cartilage loss and osteophyte (bone) growth. There are many different forms of arthritis and getting the correct diagnosis is crucial for the right treatment.
There are estimated 52.5 million US adults, equating to 23% of the population, reported to have arthritis. The most common form of arthritis in the US is osteoarthritis, followed by gout, and rheumatoid arthritis.

Causes of Shoulder Pain and Knee Pain

Shoulder pain and knee pain are the most common type of joint pain. The pain can come from degenerative issues or positional alignment problems. Often times, shoulders and knees can be injured due to impact causing muscle strains or torn tendons/cartilage.  Other time, wear and tear leads to arthritis in your shoulder/ knee joints.  These causes can lead to chronic pain if left untreated.

Shoulder and Knee Pain Treatments

At the Spine & Joint Center, we strive to find the least invasive and most effective course of treatment for your joint pain for each of our patients.

Here are some treatments we offer for joint pain:

“I went to Dr Noto back in 2010 for knee injuries that had accumulated over the years. Every doctor I had met with told me my only option was total knee replacement. Dr Noto listened and gave me other options. I chose stem cells and all these years later my knee is fine. No surgery needed. I am now having problems with my shoulder so returned to Dr Noto and, once again, his care, professionalism, work ethic, knowledge, and empathy for his patients is extraordinary and exceptional.”
Patti K, Verified Patient




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