• Discover the Benefits of a PRP Facial
    A platelet-rich plasma (PRP) facial is a procedure that combines the popular practice known as micro-needling and platelet-rich plasma to rejuvenate and improve the appearance of your skin. A PRP Read more
  • Minimize Fine Lines and Wrinkles With Botox
    As we get older, it’s extremely common to deal with fine lines and wrinkles but it can affect the way that you feel about yourself. You might not feel confident Read more
  • A PRP Therapy Guide for Arthritis Sufferers
    The PRP injections for arthritis are a type of treatment that is done to relieve the pain and reduce the inflammation. The procedure is relatively simple and does not require much preparation. The procedure can help in managing the effects of arthritis on joints. Read more
  • Osteoporosis Prevention and Management Tips
    Learn more about osteoporosis, tips to prevent osteoporosis or manage the symptoms Read more
  • How to Treat Obesity and Lower Back Pain
    The link between obesity and low back pain has been proven not just with correlation but also with causation studies. In fact, data show that obesity might be an underlying cause for about 10 percent of all chronic low back pain cases. Read more
  • Five Tips to Stay Safe in the Sun This Summer
    Here are five tips to stay safe in the sun during summer and if you already have sun-damaged skin issues, we also have some solutions for you. Read more
  • How to Relieve Back Pain at Home
    When you have back pain do you use heat or ice?  We know how unpleasant back pain can be.  When back pain happens, other than visiting a doctor, many people have Read more
  • What To Know About Skin Discoloration
    We understand just how distressing it can be when you start to notice skin discolorations, particularly if they are on your face or in more visible locations. Melanin is what Read more
  • How To Check For Lumps
    When was the last time you performed a breast self-exam? As an adult, it’s incredibly important for women to know how to perform their own breast self-examinations and do it Read more
  • 3 Ways to Ease Your Joint Pain This Summer
    Staying active is one of the best things you can do to ease joint pain. That’s because movement improves your circulation, allowing your blood to flow more freely and nourishing Read more
  • Could Osteoarthritis Be Causing Your Hip Pain?
    If your hip starts to hurt, it might be easy to ignore or brush off at first. The pain is always present, but it’s worse when you first get out Read more
  • 5 Symptoms of a Shoulder Labrum Tear
    The labrum is the soft ring of cartilage around your shoulder socket. Trauma, repetitive motions, and age-related wear can cause a tear in this cartilage—known as a labrum tear or Read more
  • What Is Prolotherapy and What Can It Treat?
    An injury or degenerative condition can sometimes cause ligaments and tendons to tear apart, leading to pain and weakness in your joints. These connective tissues can also stretch, making your Read more
  • Is Stem Cell Therapy Effective for Joint Pain?
    Stem cell therapy has been getting a lot of buzz recently. This cutting-edge minimally invasive technique relies on the body’s natural healing mechanisms to ease pain and care for the underlying Read more
  • Is Your Lifestyle Causing Your Back Pain?
    If you experience back pain on a regular basis, it may have something to do with your lifestyle. Certain factors like posture and stress can aggravate existing back pain or Read more
  • Does Cold Weather Really Make Joint Pain Worse?
    It may be one of the most common questions related to joint pain: does colder weather actually make it worse? It’s been a bitterly cold weather across the U.S., with many Read more

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