The Healing Effect of Tai Chi – Part II

Tai Chi helps with spine and joint health

What benefit does expending the least amount of energy have on someone’s health you may ask? The answer is that it can improve ones health by many different means. One means is to allow the body to relax, which enables many beneficial processes to begin. The parasympathetic system for example is activated, which causes dilation of ones vessels and slowing of the heart. This is beneficial since the body’s tissue will have improved oxygenation. Relaxation of the musculature of the body will also allow an increase in the perfusion of the body’s tissue without an increase in energy expenditure. Furthermore, the blood will have a higher level of oxygen since respiration will be slower and deeper allowing for greater oxygen saturation of the blood. The improved circulation allows for a more efficient immune system since the cells responsible for fighting off infections will be traveling into tissue more readily. Basically the body will be working more efficiently, which means the body will have an increased ability to handle stress of any nature.

Furthermore, Tai Chi allows the practitioner to build his or her own body structure in a more perfect way. Practicing Tai Chi allows the alignment of ones body to be gradually corrected in order for the body to work optimally. When someone performs the Tai Chi exercises he is strengthening his bones, ligaments and muscles in a manner that supports improved body alignment and structure rather than in a random manner. This allows the body to have a tune up every time one practices the Tai Chi exercises. Many forms of medicine have based their philosophy around proper alignment of the human body including osteopathy and chiropractic. Tai Chi allows the body to restore itself with no outside intervention. Although the process is not as fast as other forms of intervention (such as surgery) it is more natural and gentler on the body. There are many advantages to having a slow process of healing instead of an immediate solution. With Tai Chi, the body slowly changes over time but it does not change sporadically in different places. The body changes together as a whole so that the system works together and not against itself. It is known in physics that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link; this is also true for the human body. If someone corrects your hip without correcting your knee properly the body will still have a problem.

Tai Chi is an ancient traditional Chinese martial art that has tremendous health benefits. It uses motion to achieve the goal of improved health and longevity. People often do not realize how closely linked our health is to our ability to perform movement. If something in life takes away our ability to perform movement in any way our health will be inevitably compromised.

Dr Damon Noto recommends these methods.  Check out more of our health and healing information  on the Spine and Joint Center blog posts!

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