Cellular Therapy for Disc Herniation

A recent study evaluated the benefits of adult stem cell therapy on low back back and the results were extremely positive. Adult (non-controversial) stem cells are derived from one’s own blood and injected back into the injured area of ones body. The stem cells then work to regenerate damaged tissue helping the tissue heal and decreasing the pain.

The results of the study by the regenerative medicine company Mesoblast Limited indicated that a single injection of adult stem cells into lumbar degenerating intervertebral discs, or the spinal discs in your low back improved function and reduced pain for at least 12 months.

If you have low back pain and a disc herniation, surgery may not be necessary. Stem cells can regenerate the tissue making the area once again healthy. In this study, those patients treated with stem cells underwent less additional surgical and non-surgical treatment interventions after the study and had greater disc flexibility. This of course includes a lot less pain.

As we age, the tissue in our back may decay with use or injury and this is normal. The stem cells serve to create fresh tissue so that your back can fully function again as normal.

Summarizing the study, the key components and findings on using Cellular Therapy for spinal disc injury particularly low back pain was this; improvements in chronic low back pain, with patients achieving greater than 50% reduction when asked about their pain score. Also, reduced need for surgery and improvement in overall function.

It is clear this study demonstrates that Cellular Therapy can not only reduce low back pain and increase stability and function but also reduce the need for costly surgery.

Dr. Damon Noto specializes in using Cellular Therapy on spinal disc injuries. At the Spine & Joint Center, we take a different approach to the spine utilizing regenerative therapies. We want to get rid of your pain minimally invasively and non-surgically.

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