Springtime Exercises to Relieve Your Joint Pain

Joint pain and the fatigue often associated with it can make it difficult and uncomfortable to maintain an active lifestyle. But research shows that regular low-impact exercise can actually help reduce pain, decrease fatigue, and improve sleep.

Though it can be tough finding the motivation at first, spring is the perfect season to get outdoors and become more active. As the weather improves and the trees begin to blossom, exercise becomes more enjoyable and will soon be something you look forward to. To help you get started, here are a few easy exercises you can work into your weekly routine.

Go For a Stroll

Walking is good for your joints and your heart. You’ll also absorb vitamin D from sunlight, which naturally enhances your energy and mood, and helps to promote healthy bones.

It’s best to start slowly and for short periods at a time, such as a five minute stroll around your neighborhood every few days. As your body adjusts to this level of activity, you can gradually increase the length of time you are walking and the speed. Try to find local areas that you enjoy walking around, such as parks or gardens. As you become more comfortable, you can explore new areas—a change of scenery every now and then keeps the activity fresh and fun.

Remember to stay hydrated, particularly when walking on sunny days. Bring a bottle of water, and take breaks when you need them.

Swim in an Outdoor Pool

Swimming and water aerobics are great for soothing joint pain, stretching your muscles, and improving you mood. The buoyancy of the water supports the weight of your body, meaning less stress is placed on the joints.

If you have access to an outdoor heated pool, swimming in the open air during springtime can be a singularly enjoyable experience. Indoor pools are also a good option. Find out if your local pool offers water aerobics classes suitable for sufferers of joint pain—many have programs designed for those with arthritis and similar conditions. Taking part in group exercise is a great way to find motivation and meet new people.

Spend More Time in the Garden

If you have access to a garden, spring is the season to take advantage of it. Planting flowers, pulling weeds, cutting the grass—these are all activities that get you on your feet and moving around. Since you’re close to home, you’ll always be able to rest and get some water when you need it.

The garden is also the ideal space for performing simple yoga poses in a soothing and inspiring environment. Yoga is very relaxing, and can improve your balance and coordination, reducing your risk of falling. Avoid strenuous positions, and speak to your doctor before beginning any new exercise routine.

Gentle exercise can sooth your joint pain and improve your range of motion. Used alongside effective, non-invasive treatments such as medical acupuncture and injection therapy, it can greatly improve your quality of life. To discover how the Spine & Joint Center can relieve your joint pain, get in touch today.

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