Medical Acupuncture: Administered with Care, Steeped in Tradition

X-rays. CAT scans. MRIs.If you suffer from chronic pain, you’re likely familiar with today’s go-to diagnostic tools. Though these marvels of modern medicine have saved countless lives, their popularity indicates Western health professionals’ tendency to pinpoint tangible pain sources and overlook the body’s interconnectedness—a core concept of Eastern medicine.

At the Spine and Joint Center, we believe that treating a patient’s entire body is a better approach. Many of our patients respond well to medical acupuncture—a practice that marries modern best practices with ancient intuition.

Medical acupuncture is a safe and trusted remedy that has the potential to alleviate chronic pain. This post will give you an insight into its rich history, as well as explaining what to expect during a typical session.

A Time-Honored Remedy

Acupuncture is thought to have originated in China, circa 100 BC. The ancient Chinese believed that disease could be attributed to disruptions to the body’s natural flow of energy, or Qi. They applied instruments, heat, massage, and herbs to key body parts, or acupoints. This was designed to relieve blockages, reroute Qi, and restore health.

The practice endured throughout the nation’s disparate dynasties, and stimulants evolved to reflect the materials of the era. For example, during one particularly progressive period, silver needles replaced sharpened stones. Throughout the centuries, the Chinese maintained unwavering faith in acupuncture’s therapeutic powers. It is practiced in Eastern hospitals and healthcare facilities to this day.

A Typical Session at the Spine and Joint Center

The Spine and Joint Center is the site of many acupuncture patients’ first experience with the ancient treatment. During a session, the specialist penetrates strategic points on the surface of your skin with hair-thin metal needles to induce the realignment of Qi. The procedure is painless, and many patients find it deeply relaxing.

The Benefits of Medical Acupuncture

Acupuncture performed by a trained medical professional is a noninvasive, low-risk alternative to surgery and pain medication. Patients often note that their chronic pain subsides immediately after their first session.

Time-honored, noninvasive acupuncture is a safe route to the therapeutic powers of alternative medicine. Contact the Spine and Joint Center for more information on how our modern take on this ancient Chinese practice can help your body heal itself, or visit our page here for more information on medical acupuncture.

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